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Lawyers Caught Telling Illegal Migrants to Fabricate Horror Backstories to Gain Asylum


An undercover investigation from the Daily Mail, in which a reporter presented himself as an economic illegal boat migrant from India with no justification for claiming asylum, found that lawyers were willing to fabricate evidence including medical records and fake pictures in order to game the asylum system in exchange for thousands of pounds sterling.

In one instance lawyer VP Lingajothy allegedly demanded £10,000 from the reporter in exchange for fabricating false claims of being subject to violence, sexual abuse, slave labour, imprisonment, and death threats that would have forced him to flee to the UK. According to the paper, Lingajothy went on to say that he could obtain a doctor’s note attesting to the fake trauma suffered by the reporter as well as a prescription for anti-depressants in order to convince the Home Office of the veracity of the tall tale.

The investigation claimed that in most instances, lawyers advised the Punjabi undercover journalist to pose as a supporter of a Sikh seperatist organisation banned in India, which would give him grounds to apply for asylum. One attourney said that he would scan through anti-goverment protests in India to try to find someone who looked like the reporter to add credibility to the fake backstory.

Another lawyer suggested concocting a story about a love affair in India with someone from a different caste or inventing a homosexual relationship to add to the “fine ingredients of an asylum case”.

The Mail claimed that one of the lawyers urging their reporter to invent a false history had addressed the UN Human Rights Council last year and has even openly criticised the Home Office and immigration judges for being sceptical about asylum claims. According to the paper, as many as 40 law officers are currently being monitored under suspicion of helping migrants pose as genuine asylum seekers, with many producing “carbon copy” applications for different migrants.

As a result of activist lawyers, pro-open borders judges, and likely a degree of government incompetence or open subversion, the Tory government only managed to deport 215 of the 45,000 illegal boat migrants last year, many of whom claim asylum upon reaching British shores.