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Just one out of 30 failed asylum seekers deported


The UK deported just one out of 30 failed asylum seekers scheduled on a flight to France after the rest had lodged legal challenges to their removal.

One Sudanese man was returned to Paris under current EU asylum rules. The 29 others were taken off of the airplane and had their cases “rescheduled”, including six who claimed they were victims of slavery and 18 who made claims that they should be allowed to stay in England under the human rights act.

Their cases come after the Home Office complained earlier this year that “activist lawyers” were behind several other failed returns of bogus refugees.

The Home Office also admitted that just 231 illegals had been deported since January 2019; deportations since the pandemic have numbered in the “tens”, they said.

The number of asylum seekers being housed in 91 hotels across the country had risen to 9,500 — an increase of one-fifth in a single month. 

Some 7,000 illegal migrants have landed on British shores by boat since the beginning of this year, with September’s arrivals alone eclipsing the numbers for the whole of 2019. However, despite the rising numbers, the UN insists that the massive influx of migrants crossing the English Channel is “not a threat” to the UK.

In August, the globalist organisation had also claimed that the numbers arriving illegally in the UK were “low and manageable”, and condemned plans to push back the boats to France.