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Bristol Airport open 'multi-faith bus shelter'


Bristol Airport has received backlash after its new "multi-faith area" was compared to a bus stop and smoking shelter!

The airport shared pictures of the new grey metallic box-like structure with large opaque windows.

A sign, showing a figure praying, and text, is located on the outside of the structure and reads: "Multi faith area".

In a statement, chiefs said: "This week, we have opened a new multi-faith area in the free waiting zone.

"Located just off the Silver Zone roundabout, the new area provides customers with a private space to reflect and pray whilst waiting to collect friends, family or loved ones."

A spokesperson for the airport said: “The new multi-faith space has been created for customers to use whilst at the airport waiting for family and friends in the free waiting zone car park, situated one mile away from the terminal.

"We’ve consulted widely and listened to feedback and designed a new specification for future spaces.

"We’ve experienced an increase in customers requiring a multi-faith area in this location. This newly created space was provided after consultation with users of the car park to provide immediate shelter and dignity prior to winter – it has been welcomed by the users.

"We also have a multi-faith quiet area in the departure lounge of the terminal (situated between the Central Walkway and Gates 32-34 on the first floor) and we are introducing other dedicated areas across the site."