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BBC announces plan to spend £14.5m on fancy new studios


Days after the BBC announced that its licence fee will rise more than £10 per year, the broadcaster has revealed plans to open a £14.5m studio in Stratford.

The BBC has put out a tender for the proposed works to replace the existing facility in Maida Vale, which was sold to Hans Zimmer for £10.5m earlier this year after being deemed 'no longer fit for purpose'.

Culture Secretary Lucy Frazer revealed on Thursday that the BBC licence fee will rise from £159 to £169.50 in 2024.

According to reports, the new facility at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park will consist of two studios, 'visualisation rooms', workshops and other spaces including a green room.

If the BBC wants to fund swish new offices, it should scrap the hated TV tax and let people choose whether to pay.

A BBC spokesperson said: “Maida Vale was no longer fit for purpose so we're creating a world class facility that will serve British music lovers and benefit the local area for generations to come, while being cheaper to run over time.”