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Black cab taxis BANNED from flying England flag


FURIOUS taxi drivers have hit out at a “woke” ban on flying England flags during the Euros.

Leftie London Mayor Sadiq Khan’s Transport for London bosses say the St George’s Cross could “distract” other drivers and even cause accidents.

And the capital’s 125,000 drivers have been warned they could face serious penalties including losing their black cab licence if they fly the red and white banner.

Drivers have hit back insisting the flags are no more distracting than the colourful paint jobs on vehicles plastered with advertisements.

And they accuse Khan’s killjoys of pandering to woke concerns that the English flag is offensive to minorities.

Cabbies across the rest of the nation are not affected, with many flying the flag to show support for the Three Lions’ campaign in Germany.

TfL guidelines state: “Breaches of regulations could lead to a formal sanction - such as a warning, fixed penalty notice, prosecution or licence review.”

A TfL spokesman added: "For the safety of all passengers and drivers, we have guidelines about what can be displayed in or on taxis and private hire vehicles.

“Only official signs and stickers can be displayed.

“Any other signage or flags are not permitted because they could cause a distraction to other drivers and other road users.”

Black cab driver Fred Perkins, 60, based on a rank in Chelsea, West London, said: “It's nonsense. It's all coming down from Khan at the top, because he's ultimately in charge.

“Our society has really gone woke when we can't fly a little flag for England for the Euros. Loads of drivers used to have flags on their cabs in years gone by.

How can a little flag be a distraction compared to the great big advert on the side of my cab?”

David Lawrie, director of the National Private Hire Association cabbies' organisation, which represents hundreds of London drivers, said: “Khan should not have put this rule in place.

“It's woke mentality. Is it because some people view the England flag as offensive?

“There are St George's flags on private hire vehicles in Manchester, so why can't drivers fly them in London?

“Black cabs can have adverts over the whole taxi for sponsorship, so it's hypocritical to say a small flag could be a distraction compared to that.

“Common sense should allow mini England flags for the Euro. The ban should be overturned.”