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Football Chairman Resigns over Burka Ban Post


Banning free speech won't produce a happy and productive society. Not being able to tell the truth will only produce societies based on lies and falsehoods.

The chairman of Bradford City Women’s football club tendered his “immediate resignation” after someone complained about Facebook posts in which he suggested the Islamic burka should be banned.

Military veteran Mark Hird had been in post for only a matter of weeks when a “concerned fan” contacted the multicultural city’s Telegraph and Argus newspaper to complain about his social media output, in which he is said to have supported banning the burka and suggested Muslims should either “adhere to our laws” or emigrate.

“I’m absolutely disgusted to check out the new Bradford City Women’s chairman’s Facebook page,” the Telegraph and Argus reported the fan as saying.

“How are our Muslim children meant to carry on playing girls’ football here? He needs sacking. What a disgrace to our ladies’ football club.

“We need a chairman that’s going to support all races and religions. The club will go to ruin otherwise, I mean it’s 2019.

“They have been holding open days at the club throughout this month for new players and there were open trials for the ladies (of all races and religions) yesterday too,” she added, claiming she found the situation “scary”.

While polls suggest that a majority of Britons believe the burka should be banned — as it is in many European and even Muslim-majority countries worldwide — and that Mr Hird was therefore expressing the majority view, the football club appears to have come down against him very swiftly.

“Bradford City WFC have accepted the immediate resignation of chairman Mark Hird following recent allegations made against him,” said Matthew Kermode, Bradford City Women’s club’s secretary, in an official statement.

Why not incorporate the Burka into all football team kit? that will improve the game no end!