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Good For Them: A QUARTER of footballers at the English Football League's 72 clubs say they will NOT get vaccinated


One quarter of players in the Football League have no vaccination to Covid-19 despite months of coercion from the EFL and clubs to get jabbed - and currently don't intend to have one.

Only 59 per cent of players have received two vaccinations, with a further 16 per cent having had a single dose and prepared to have another one.

These figures have changed little in the last two months following a major push by the EFL, clubs and the deputy Chief Medical Officer for England Professor Jonathan Van Tam.

With so many healthy, top of their game sportsmen dropping dead, retiring from their professions, and falling sick with heart issues, is it any wonder these footballers are refusing to get a jab for an illness from which they are at almost no danger, and if (when) they do catch it, have a recovery rate of almost 100% - unlike the jab.