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Over 500 foreign criminals and immigration offenders removed from UK


More than 500 foreign criminals and immigration offenders have been removed from the UK by the Home Office in September.

In total, 533 people were returned, including 105 to Albania on three dedicated charter flights and scheduled flights last month.

The Home Office also returned 26 Romanian nationals and nine individuals to Zimbabwe on separate charter flights.

The foreign national offenders removed had received combined prison sentences of more than 337 years and were convicted of crimes including sexual and violent offences, supplying Class A drugs and facilitating illegal entry to the UK.

More than 300 people who had no right to remain in the UK, including three Albanian nationals who entered the UK illegally – one via small boat and two through other clandestine means – have also been removed.

Since signing a returns agreement with Albania in 2021, the UK has removed over 1,000 Albanian criminals and immigration offenders, including some who crossed the Channel illegally to come to the UK.

To date this year, the UK has removed 8,175 people via enforced, voluntary and other return types, including 2,250 foreign national offenders.