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Foreign doctors behind 60% of patients sex assaults


Our healthcare system is a shambles. The last thing one expects when going to hospital is to be sexually assaulted, but that is exactly what is happening.

Foreign-trained doctors are responsible for 60 per cent of sex assaults on patients - despite making up just a THIRD of NHS medics. They accounted for 23 of 38 proven sexual misconduct cases in the last three years - with allegations including rape and sexual assault.

The figures - obtained by the Mail on Sunday - were revealed after NHS chiefs introduced targets to reduce the number of black and ethnic minority staff being hauled before disciplinary hearings.

Britain's army of 95,000 black and ethnic miniority doctors are TWICE as likely to be referred to the GMC than their white colleagues.

NHS chief people officer Prerana Issar siad in a report: "It is not acceptable that if you come from some backgrounds, you are more likely to enter the formal disciplinary process, stay in it longer and have more career-limiting outcomes.

"We must change this and quickly."

A recent GMC report found "no evidence of [racial] bias" in disciplinary procedures.

It said doctors were "isolated" and felt they were "treated as outsiders".

An NHS spokesman said: "Where allegations are made it is right that they are thoroughly investigated and any appropriate action taken, regardless of someone’s ethnicity or where they trained.

"But it is also right that all NHS staff feel they will be treated fairly and not face discrimination, which is what this guidance sets out to achieve."

In 2013 a foreign-trained doctor who led a double life as a peeping tom was cleared of sexually motivated behaviour after insisting he only did it because he has OCD.

More than 100 videos of a sexual nature were found on the laptop of Dr Anush Babu with the footage including images of women's skirts as well as of his female patients during intimate examinations.

And in 2017, perv consultant Syed Bukhari repeatedly groped a patient’s breasts while she was in A&E with chest pains.

So much for the NHS' professional standards and codes of ethics.