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Did France get tough on migrants over Easter?!


French police have claimed that they were able to prevent at least 600 illegal immigrants from crossing the channel to reach the southern coast of England over the Easter weekend and claimed to have arrested eleven people smugglers as well.

Among the migrants brought back to France were 72 people who were rescued by French authorities in the Channel after reporting to be in a state of distress, the European Union-funded website InfoMigrants reports.

According to a report from the European Union border agency Frontex, the number of migrants attempting to cross the channel from January to March of this year has increased by 190 per cent compared to 2021 but around half of the 8,900 illegals were stopped by French authorities.

While France claims it was able to block 600 migrants from crossing over Easter, hundreds of migrants were able to successfully make the journey to the UK, bringing the total number of migrants who have reached the UK to over 6,000 as of Good Friday.

Last year, the UK saw a total of 28,526 illegal immigrants arrive across the Channel, largely from Northern France, a record number. However, many, including the British government, expect that the record will be shattered this year with officials claiming that as many as 65,000 or even 100,000 illegals may arrive before the end of 2022.