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France is REFUSING to stop cross-channel migrant boats once they are in the water heading for England


French authorities are refusing to intercept migrant boats heading for Britain once they are in the English Channel, despite receiving millions of pounds of UK taxpayers cash to cut off the route.

Immigration Compliance Minister Mr Philp has admitted that once migrants were on the water they could not currently be stopped heading for England.

Tory MP Tim Loughton asked: 'Is it not the case that no agreement still has been reached with the French government about the French government proactively turning back the boats, intercepting them, once they get into the water, and without that we will still continue to see a flow of people taking their chances at the hands of people smugglers coming across the channel in those small boats in whatever numbers?’

Mr Philp replied: 'That is currently correct. The French operational posture on the water is that they don’t forcibly intercept migrant boats. 

'They will rescue them if they start sinking and if migrants request assistance. But they do not currently forcibly intercept migrant boats while in French waters.'