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Free Speech: Man Jailed for "Islamophobia"


A man has been arrested and imprisoned in Scotland for painting the words “Islam is questionable” on his house, in what Police Officers claimed was a “breach of the peace”.

Graham Evans, who lives in Edinburgh, has just been released after 5 weeks in prison for painting the statement on his house, after he was found not guilty in court.

Mr Evans had over 10 police officers visit his home last month, who arrested him on the spot for “breaching the peace” by writing “Islam is questionable”, “Brexit” and “Leave Means Leave” on his house.

The officers confirmed to Evans that the offending statement in particular was the phrase “Islam is questionable”, because it had ‘alarmed’ and ‘distressed’ the community.

He was then remanded in prison for five weeks until his trial, where the judge agreed that his painted statement was allowed as free speech and that Owens had broken no laws.

Evans said: “If I had picked any other word I believe the police would never have been called.

“Everything is questionable in my view but for some reason the minute anyone mentions Islam all laws and standards and freedom of speech is out the window.”

“I was completely shocked when police car after police car pulled up. They had a big meeting in the street then marched over to arrest me.

“There was no option given for me to paint over my words. They had been sent by the Inspector in charge at Dunfermline police station with orders to arrest me and bring me in.”

In a post on Facebook, Evans wrote: “I painted ISLAM IS QUESTIONABLE on my own property. OVER 10 POLICE TURNED UP.

“I was then remanded in PRISON FOR 5 WEEKS until trial. The judge agreed I had no case to answer to it was freedom of speech and found me not guilty.”

Evans’ arrest follows a series of similar incidents in England and the rest of the UK, with the most notable being the arrest of Tommy Robinson for livestreaming about a now-convicted rape gang on trial. 

The Police State is now in full swing. Beware patriots, be careful of your every word and every action in order to avoid being arrested and imprisoned by England's (and in this case Scotland's) anti-freedom police.