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Fuel Price Shock – Much Worse to Come


If you think the current price of fuel and heating energy is shocking, just wait ’til you see it in two weeks’ time. In fact, don’t wait – go and fill up everything you can, right now!

Just as the mainstream media are desperately avoiding any mention of the terrifying and all too real threat of nuclear war, so they are deliberately refusing to tell the public just how much damage anti-Russian sanctions are doing to the economy and to the lives of ordinary people.

Boris Johnson continues to rattle his sabre, he just doesn’t seem to care about the very real pain his irresponsible show-boating is inflicting on us all. The best we’re getting are some vague Tory suggestions about finding a way to soften the blow a bit.

But the truth is that things like heating loans, ‘fuel tax holidays’ or fixed price subsidies all have to be paid for by someone. And it won’t be the government or the oil companies, it will be – as always – the taxpayers. You.

The government has no ability to deliver anything. All they can do is rearrange the deck chairs on the Titanic. You’re going to get nothing from government. Whatever they put in your right pocket is something they took from your left pocket. But here’s the problem. When the government picks your pocket and gives you back the money, you don’t get it all because they keep some for themselves.

After all, they’ve got to pay for their nuclear bunkers somehow. As for the rest of us, well, the World Economic Forum and the rest of the global elite have wanted population reduction from the very start…..