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Fury as school makes girls share toilets with boys


Gender-neutral toilets at a city school have enraged parents, prompting a petition that has been signed by hundreds of people.

The new toilets for both boys and girls were introduced after the Christmas holidays at New College in New Parks, Leicester.

The petition was set up by Claire Harmer, whose 15-year-old daughter, Ellie-May, goes to the Glenfield Road school.

Claire, 35, said: “Boys and girls are different and it’s a massive safeguarding issue as far as I’m concerned.

“There’s huge anger about it. It’s going to increase the risk of sexual assault and boys have already been joking with each other about putting cameras in the toilets to film the girls.

“Anything could be going on in those cubicles. You wouldn’t think it was okay if you saw a boy coming out of the girls’ toilet at a school.”

She said the extra stress of having mixed-sex toilets had come at a difficult time for Ellie-May, who will be taking her GCSEs this summer.

“They’re coming up for their GCSEs and that’s got them worried enough without this," she added.

“When they’re having their periods they don’t want to be in a stall next to a boy.”

About 500 people have signed the petition at, including one female New College student who wrote: “This is ridiculous!

Yes, it is indeed ridiculous but will anyone actually call out the perverts behind this agenda? It certainly won't be the brainchild of any teacher in the school. It is the same people that bring sex education into the classrooms, encouraging children to partake in dangerous sexual activity with one another.