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Gang Attacks Man, Strips him of Clothes


A police manhunt is underway after a man was beaten unconscious and stripped of his clothes by a gang of Asian men.


The 39-year-old man was walking to a friend's house in Dewsbury in the early hours of Sunday morning when he was attacked.

He suffered eight broken ribs, a spine fracture, a broken finger, broken nose and was left concussed and drifting in and out of consciousness, according to his brother.

"His body is a mass of bruising," his brother told ExaminerLive.

"He's in a bad way. He has been transferred from Dewsbury hospital to Leeds General Infirmary and is currently in St James's Hospital."

The brother, who did not want to be named, added: "They stripped him (of clothes) apart from his shirt which they pulled over his head so he couldn't see.

"The police found his clothes around the corner."

The brother said the beating had gone on for some time.

The attack happened on Hartley Street, Dewsbury, which is near to Kirklees College's Halifax Road campus.

A West Yorkshire Police spokesman said the victim had sustained serious injuries.

The spokesman confirmed that the victim was found partially clothed and the victim described the suspects as Asian.

The spokesman said: "Police received a report of an assault on a man in his 30s on Hartley Street, Dewsbury in the early hours of yesterday morning.