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GCHQ Asks ‘Only’ Ethnic Minorities and Women to Apply for IT Jobs


The Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) spy agency has asked “only” ethnic minorities and women to register their interest in upcoming IT job listings, leaving white males out in the cold.

“Please note this Registration of Interest is only open to those from an ethnic minority background or women from any ethnic background,” the spy agency states in bold in the section of the advert titled ‘Job description’ — but it is not actually a “job” description, apparently, as disallowing people from applying for “jobs” because of their sex or race is disallowed by the Equality Act, at least in theory.

“Diversity and inclusion are mission critical for GCHQ, ensuring we’re more representative of the communities we serve to better protect the UK,” the spy agency insisted.

“This registration of interest is one of a number of steps we’re taking to encourage more women and people from ethnic minority backgrounds to consider careers,” they added. "When the job advert for this role does go live anyone will be able to apply for it.”

“At GCHQ, diversity and inclusion are critical to our mission. To protect the UK, we need a truly diverse workforce that reflects the society we serve,” pronounced the not-a-job-advert.

“This includes diversity in every sense of the word: those with different backgrounds, ethnicities, gender identities, sexual orientations, ways of thinking and those with disabilities or neurodiverse conditions.

“We therefore welcome and encourage applications from everyone, including those from groups that are under-represented in our workforce,” it adds — before concluding in bold, once again, that it is “only open to those from an ethnic minority background or women from any ethnic background” — and not, in fact, “everyone”.

“Following a Registration of Interest period of several weeks, we will open this role for applications. At this stage, applications from candidates of all ethnicities and genders will be welcome,” the advert added.