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People smugglers showing drunk and scantily clad British girls in social media video posts


Young British women, often drunk and sometimes in states of undress, are being used by ruthless people smugglers in social media video advertisements.

The videos are included on multiple accounts, which expert sources claim are being used to entice young males to use the services of the criminal gangs and travel to Europe and the UK.

Several of the accounts, which have hundreds of thousands of followers, were found on the social media network Instagram.

Along with the many videos of young women, are others showing migrants using people smuggling routes by land and by sea.

One source said they believed this to be “an advertising campaign to predominantly North Africans seeking passage to be smuggled into Europe and Britain”.

The social media posts are similar to those used regularly by smuggling gangs last year to entice mainly young male Albanians to travel to the UK.

Those videos showed young men apparently ‘enjoying the high life’ around London and other locations, with wads of cash and sports cars.