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Government Importing Asylum Seekers Directly from Greece


On Friday, the government announced that 28 more people had been imported to Britain, as “the latest in a series of flights which has brought asylum seekers to the UK from Greece to reunite with family”.

The migrants hail from Afghanistan, Iraq, Kuwait, Syria, and Bangladesh, and “will now be allowed to have their asylum claim assessed alongside their family members”, a government news briefing said.

“Throughout the pandemic, the UK has remained open and fully committed to family reunification,” the so-called Conservative government proclaimed, boasting that “through resettlement schemes, the UK resettles more refugees than any other country in Europe and are in the top five countries worldwide”.

Home Secretary Priti Patel commented: “I am delighted that we can bring families, who have suffered the trauma of being separated, back together. These individuals, most of whom are children, are now able to be in the UK alongside their loved ones.

“Such arrivals show that our commitment to those in need of protection has not wavered, even in the midst of a global pandemic.

“Legal and viable routes to the UK demonstrate that it is not necessary for people to try and reach the UK via dangerous journeys, such as across the Channel.”