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Green Politician Arrested at Anti-Brexit Demo


A London Assembly member, Caroline Russell, was arrested at an anti-Brexit protest today in London.

The Green Party has tweeted to say Ms Russell was defending “hard-won rights”, they also retweeted a number of messages about the arrests.

In a statement, the Co-leader of the Green Party of England and Wales, Sian Berry, said: “Earlier today, I was speaking at the main rally of the Defend Our Democracy protest.

“I said then that we were calmly determined not to have our rights chipped away. Protest, and direct action were needed, I said then.

“I’m proud that Caroline has been at the forefront, with others, of showing that determination.

“History tells us that all the rights we have we had to win. No one has ever handed them to us.

“And Caroline and the others on the streets in London today were defending those hard-won rights that are now under attack from Boris Johnson.

“We, the people, will come back on the streets again and again in the coming weeks of national crisis to defend our MPs and win our final say.

“We will keep saying to Boris Johnson, to Jacob Rees-Mogg, to Dominic Raab – your actions do not represent us.

“If you abuse power, we the people will make sure you won’t be in power much longer.”

The right to block traffic is a hard-won right? Such an absurd statement could only be made by a Green Party Politician!