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Green Taxes Inflate Our Electricity Bills


£18 Billion a year! That's the staggering total cost of the joint Tory-LibDem-Labour-SNP 'green deal' imposed on us taxpayers by the Climate Change Act. Perhaps the most disgraceful tax of the whole lot is the “stealth tax” costing electricity bill-payers hundreds of pounds extra every year.

Around 12 percent of the average energy bill set by the Energy Price Cap is an extra tax designed to pay for grotesquely inefficient green energy programmes.

Ecotricity boss Dale Vince said earlier this year: "The government talk about high energy prices and bemoan them... but what they don't talk about is the fact they take £9 billion a year from our energy bills in a combination of VAT and about five social and environmental policies."

The cap increased by £693 in April, causing millions of British households to fall into fuel stress.

But as the UK faces one of its worst cost of living crises in years, there are growing demands for the Government to scrap the taxes on energy to soften the burden on billpayers. While Western sanctions supposedly against Russia are pushing energy prices even higher, the bulk of the increase so far is the direct result of the political elite's vandalism as they dismantle our energy supply network in pursuit of their insane 'war on carbon'.

The only good thing that could be said about the green energy tax is that it falls just as heavily on the Scots, Welsh and Northern Irish as it does the English. Such a 'fair' distribution of the burden is quite unusual in a Union in which the voiceless English pay the lion's share of the bills while devolved governments spend our taxes on their own people.

That said, we need to keep in sight the real villain of this piece: The ruling class in Westminster, with their unthinking subservience to the Great Reset mania of the global elite in Davos. To learn more about this extremely important subject, check out the special offer for the best-selling book Deus Vult - the Great Reset Resistance. Find out for yourself why this has become the biggest-selling book the English Democrats have ever sold - it's still selling fast, so order yours today!