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Hammond to lead Tory Rebels AGAINST Brexit


 Ex-Chancellor and Europhile Philip Hammond is conspiring with fellow anti-democratic elements within the Tory party to bring down Prime Minister Boris Johnson and bring Brexit to a grinding halt, according to latest reports.

A leaked letter which was signed by 20 other Conservatives including Rory Stewart was written to Boris Johnson and complained that Mr Johnson had “set the bar so high that there is no realistic probability of a deal being done”. Many will suggest that only accepting a potentially good deal seems a logical negotiating position.

In addition to this, Sebastian Payne of the Financial times claims to have a number 10 source who states that Boris Johnson is likely to go back on the attack and says two of the signees of the letter “Hammond and Clarke sabotaged the UK’s preparations to leave.”

Whilst this source remains unnamed at this stage, he or she is certainly pulling no punches. This source also said that “They (Hammond and Clarke) drove the country into a dangerous cul de sac with a clock ticking towards Oct 31 because they never accepted the referendum result and they fought to overturn it.”

Whilst Mr Hammond campaigned for remain, in his early days at the treasury he maintained that the referendum result should be honoured. Mr Hammond told the Treasury committee as recently as the 5th of December 2018 that future success of our country depends on us executing the instructions of the British people in the referendum, leaving the European Union.

However, in juxtaposition to these comments, the claims from the source inside number 10 clearly contradict what Mr Hammond was saying publicly.

Mr Hammond has not ruled out voting against a Boris Johnson government in the event of a no-confidence motion and this would almost certainly be deselected as a Conservative MP.

Only last week Dominic Cummings accused Mr Hammond of not partaking inadequate no deal Brexit planning and he said it was “Precisely because they did not want to — they did not want the country to be ready for no-deal for political purposes. Therefore [they] neglected all sorts of things”.

Following, this letter and the string of media appearances Phillip Hammond has partaken in following the news he has blown apart the reported Brexit truce, which was an attempt to stop the Conservative party pulling itself apart over the EU once again.

If Hammond and his co-conspirators are successful, the Tory party will never see the inside on 10 Downing Street ever again!