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Matt Hancock Claims Lockdowns Weren’t Strict Enough


Disgraced former Health Secretary Matt Hancock suggested that “more stringent” lockdown measures should have been imposed during coronavirus plandemic.

Appearing before a public inquiry into the government’s handling of the coronavirus, the head of the response to Covid-19, Matt Hancock, admitted that the government’s strategy was “completely wrong”.

However, rather than admitting the failures of the Communist Chinese-inspired strategy of locking down the country, the ex-health secretary suggested that the government should have imposed more draconian restrictions and instituted them quicker.

“It is central to what we must learn as a country that we’ve got to be ready to hit a pandemic hard: that we’ve got to be able to take action – lockdown action if necessary, that is wider, earlier, more stringent than feels comfortable at the time,” Hancock told the inquiry according to The Guardian.

Despite arguing that lockdowns should still be a central component of future pandemic planning, Hancock claimed that he understands “deeply the consequences of lockdown and the negative consequences for many, many people – many of which persist to this day.”

The former lockdown boss also blamed the government’s pandemic preparedness strategy, which he claimed was based on a flu outbreak rather than a coronavirus crisis. Yet, the main failing of the strategy, Hancock said, was that the government was more concerned with the aftermath of the virus rather than on prevention.

“Can we buy enough body bags? Where are we going to bury the dead? And that was completely wrong,” he said.

“Of course, it’s important to have that in case you fail to stop a pandemic, but central to pandemic planning needs to be – how do you stop the disaster from happening in the first place? How do you suppress the virus?”