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Hannan blasts Corbyn’ after ‘another Brexit U-turn’


Conservative MEP Daniel Hannan  has blasted Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn for his sudden support for a deal after he rejected Theresa May’s deal three times and voted to trigger Article 50.


Writing in The Daily Mail, Hannan said: “Corbyn wants to seize power through an act of chicanery, bringing down the Conservatives for implementing the promise on which Labour was elected two years ago, namely to implement the referendum result.

“It’s not the hypocrisy that shocks. It’s the brazenness.

“Corbyn’s contortions over the EU are being carried out in plain sight.

“Does he think we can’t see what he is doing? Does he imagine that we can’t remember what he was saying five minutes ago?

“Does he take us all for fools?”

Mr Hannan added Labour would potentially give the UK a choice between boycotting Brexit altogether or agreeing to a “deliberately rotten deal”.

He said: “Yesterday, Labour announced another U-turn in favour of a second referendum.”

“But it won’t tell us what the options on the ballot paper would be.

“One option would be Remain, while the other will somehow or other be worked out, but it definitely won’t be no deal.

“Britain could, in other words, face a choice between remain and a deliberately rotten deal - which would be no choice at all, and produce a leave boycott.

“If Corbyn thinks no deal is so terrible, why did he vote to trigger Article 50, committing Britain to leave by a given date, with or without an agreement?

“Why, come to that, did he vote down Theresa May’s agreement three times?

“If a Corbyn-led government were to rule out no deal, the EU would have no incentive to negotiate.

“If you are not prepared to walk away from talks, you invite the other party to exploit you?”

Mr Corbyn has been hoping to get support from Lib Dems rivals and Tory rebel MPs in a bid to oust Boris Johnson and help form a coalition.