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Harry Redknapp slams Premier League for overlooking English managers


Harry Redknapp has hit out at Premier League clubs for constantly overlooking British managers in favour of employing coaches from overseas.

Eight of the current 20 Premier League managers are British, while none of the coaches in charge of the current top seven clubs in the table are from the UK.

Redknapp, who managed the likes of Tottenham, QPR and Portsmouth during his illustrious career, believes that British managers are being overlooked in England’s top division.

Redknapp said: “There’s some great manager’s down in the lower leagues who never get the chance to manage (in the Premier League). Eddie Howe, for instance. He manages Newcastle, he would never have been recognised or known if he hadn’t had got promoted.

“The only way you’ll get a job in the Premier League if you’re a young British manager is if you take a team up, to get promoted.

“Sean Dyche did it, he took Burnley up so suddenly he got a chance to manage in the Premier League and hopefully his career will keep going forward. Eddie Howe was the same.

“You never get an opportunity to manage a top four team if you’re a British manager. It seems every time they look for a manager, the only ones that get mentioned are foreign.

“Manchester United have taken another foreign manager, I watched the play on Saturday, nothing has changed there.”