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The Hidden Crisis Looming for England


A new crisis is looming that threatens to put English families under more pressure than ever. Not the cost of food, nor the soaring price of electricity and fuel, not even crumbling supply chains or the threat of war.

All of those are very real dangers, but there’s still another crisis looming – one involving a product so obscure that no-one except a handful of industry experts would ever have guessed could wreck our society if it runs out.

Apart from lorry drivers and the owners of other large modern diesels, most people have never head of DEF, but that looks set to change within just a few months. Because DEF stands for Diesel Exhaust Fluid, our entire economy will grind to a halt without it, and a world-wide shortage of the stuff means that we’re all too likely to find out just how bad things can get as a result.

Jobs will be lost, working hours will be reduced and businesses will go bust. Even those who keep their jobs will find that pay is gobbled up by rising prices, and that simply getting essential food and fuel supplies becomes a daily struggle. In the ‘worst case’ scenario, it could collapse supply chains completely.

DEF isn’t actually necessary; diesel engines ran fine for more than a hundred years without it. But the global elite’s obsession with carbon dioxide and ‘man-made climate change’ has led to many governments ruling that all new diesel engines must use Diesel Exhaust Fluid, which cuts the engines’ carbon emissions.

Every diesel put on the road in the Western world since about 2010 uses DEF. They just can’t run without it, that’s how their engines have been built. Regulators in the engine mix two percent of DEF with the diesel. It's made of 67% Urea fertilizer and 33% distilled water. The engines won't start without it, or at best will run in limp mode. So what’s the problem? Synthetic urea is made in fertiliser plants. These use a great deal of energy and give off a lot of carbon dioxide, and they have to pay massive taxes for the ‘right’ to emit CO2.

Faced with this burden, Britain’s fertiliser plants have closed down; so instead of making our own urea, we import it. No urea, no modern diesel engines – so instant massive shortages of food in the shops, and a cascade of society-wrecking problems.

It hasn’t been a problem up until now, though, so why are we now facing a dire and worsening DEF shortage? Well, take one guess as to where we get most of the urea that keeps our lorries on the road.

Yes, that’s right – Russia. Because Russia is the world’s largest exporter of Urea by a wide margin. So the NATO sanctions regime, backed by the whole of Westminster - means that we’re not getting any more urea from Russia. Qatar is second. Egypt and China are tied for third place, but the Chinese have just stopped urea exports. India makes lot of urea, but uses nearly all of it. So the whole Western world is facing a catastrophic shortage of the stuff.

If this situation is not turned around very quickly, DEF shortages will be the catalyst that causes food shortages in the coming months. Unless the government acts quickly, decisively and intelligently, there is going be a dangerous shortage of delivery lorries and vans on the road in the coming months.

The danger first emerged under Boris Johnson, but Liz Truss is just as much of a World Economic Forum puppet, so she too is committed to ‘shrinking our carbon footprint, aka deindustrialising and impoverishing Britain.

But unless the political elite abandon their ‘green’ taxes and work with what is left of the West’s fertiliser industry to restart large-scale urea production, then we face food shortages and collapsing delivery networks.

There simply isn't going to be enough DEF to keep the engines running and moving. Can you imagine what our big cities will look like after a few days without bread, milk, ready-made pizzas and deliveries to fast food joints?

It’s a massive threat to the entire Western world, but the big cities of England - already inherently unstable thanks to decades of insane immigration policies and weak policing – are especially vulnerable.

Even the mainstream media – which, just as with the Covid farce, is shamelessly pushing the political elite’s lies about their Ukraine crisis – is beginning to warn about the horrifying energy shortage facing Britain this winter.

So people already know that we’re going to see power cuts and rolling blackouts – on top of massive increases in the cost of heating, lighting and transport bills, which will introduce rationing by price.

The unfairness and hardships that are going to multiply should produce a massive surge of popular anger against the government.

We have to hope that public are wise enough to connect the dots and put the blame where it belongs – on the entire political elite, because they are all in favour of the energy industry wrecking ‘green agenda’ as well as NATO confrontation with Russia.

This is already happening all over Western Europe, with huge demonstrations against this madness taking place almost every day in Holland, Germany, Italy, France and Spain. People are waking up – and we need to help them!

This is why it’s so important to do everything we can to step up our English Democrat efforts to make the case for ending the Davos elite’s ‘green agenda’ policies. We need to stop throwing money away on unreliable and hugely expensive ‘alternative energy’ eyesores. What we need instead is to revive our coal and gas industries, invest in the rapid development of ultra-safe molten salt and nuclear fusion reactors, and re-establish sensible relations with Russia. In the short term, that’s the only way to bring down energy prices and guarantee our supplies.

Further, as already explained in this article, the government must take urgent steps to stop the Diesel Exhaust Fluid crisis. If they do not, then its impact will suddenly crash down on all of us. Coming as it will on top of all the more obvious problems that everyone can already see heading our way, the DEF shortage could be the straw that breaks the camel’s back.

This is not a ‘conspiracy theory’ or ‘doomsday alarmism’. It is an advance warning of an artificially created but very real looming crisis. If the government does find a way to sort all this out, so much the better.

But if they stick their heads in the sand, the impact on ordinary people will be so severe that it could sweep away the apathy and tendency to keep voting for the same old gang parties which have made political change all but impossible in recent decades. “The times they are a changing”. So let’s get busy recruiting and organising!