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Home Office worker admitted being 'a perv' after he was caught upskirting


A Home Office case worker told police 'I was being a perv' when he was caught taking an upskirt photograph of a woman at Oxford Circus tube station, Wesminster Magistrates' court has heard.

Richard Thomas, 35, used his phone to secretly snap a woman's underwear at the central London station in October last year, and is alleged to have tried walking away when caught taking the photograph.

In court, he admitted upskirting and will be sentenced at a later date. He also admitted to having cannabis in his possession that day.   

Describing the incident, the prosectution said: 'She [the victim] challenged him about it and he was told by members of the public that he couldn't do this. Thomas was asked to show what he'd done on his phone.

'He said "I did not take a picture" and tried to walk off. Police intervened and asked what he had taken a photo of.

'He said: "Her legs". The officer asked why. He said, "I was being a perv".

'There was a video that showed the complainant's legs up her skirt, where her knickers could be seen.

'You can hear the challenge being made by the complainant and others.'

Magistrate Chair Paul Brooks said: 'We're not going to sentence you today because we think it's right the probation service prepare a pre-sentence report.'

Thomas, of Croydon, south London, admitted upskirting and possessing drugs. 

He was granted unconditional bail ahead of sentence on March 11.