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Hoodie-wearing youth caught on camera urinating on war memorial


A hoodie-wearing youth has caused outrage after he was pictured urinating on a war memorial honouring 25,000 servicemen who fell while defending Britain.

The man was caught on camera relieving himself against The Naval Memorial in Portsmouth, Hampshire, which commemorates around 10,000 fallen sailors of the First World War and almost 15,000 of the Second World War.

The shocking scene is the latest in a year-long saga which has seen anti-social thugs desecrating the 'nationally important' monument on the Naval city's seafront during lockdown.

There are now calls for CCTV cameras to be installed at the site as part of a clampdown.

Royal Navy veteran Chris Purcell, of Portsmouth, lost 20 of his crewmates when his warship, destroyer HMS Sheffield, was sunk by an Exocet missile during the Falklands War.

The 61-year-old said: 'I'm disgusted at what's happened. These yobs are the lowest of the low. It makes my blood boil.

'People like this honoured at these memorials paid the ultimate sacrifice so we can live the life we have got today.'

Fellow local resident Nick Pellatt, who has been crusading for tougher measures to defend the seafront tribute, said: 'I'm disgusted and angry at how many people are doing this. It's backward and selfish.

'People are urinating on the name plaques of people honoured at the war memorial. It's getting to the point that the stonework is being damaged because of the ammonia in the urine.

'The memorial absolutely stinks at the moment because it's been heavily weed on. It's disgraceful. Something needs to be done to stop this.'