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House of Sleaze: MPs ‘met sex workers’ on foreign trips


The House of Commons has been fighting off accusations of a toxic culture and a number of misconduct allegations for much of 2022.

British MPs on a foreign trip were met by sex workers at their hotel, a report has claimed. The claim, which has rightly sparked outrage on social media, has also increased concern that politicians are leaving themselves exposed to blackmail.

The report looks set to raise questions about the all-party parliamentary groups (APPGs), an unofficial cross-party body of MPs and peers that campaign on certain topics.

There are over 700 APPGs and more than 130 of them focus on specific countries and arrange all-expenses-paid trips.

It has been claimed that on one AAPG trip to a dictatorship, MPs were met by prostitutes in their hotel rooms, though there is no suggestion that the MPs were aware of this in advance.

On another visit to a major ally of Britain, one MP was reportedly disciplined for repeatedly propositioning female interns who were organising the tour.

Earlier this month, an investigation by Politico revealed a number of allegations of misconduct by MPs on APPG trips.

It has even been alleged that a former Tory MP visited a country in southeast Asia and asked where the nearest brothel was.

It was also reported that a former minister would stay behind after official trips in order to pursue his “interest in women”.

In another report, it was claimed that a Labour MP was fond of “Russian girls”, while officials from British Overseas Territories alleged that MPs had attended parties at which young men and women were “supplied” for sex.

Foreign trips have been justified by MPs who claim they are a valuable part of their work as backbenchers, with their diaries filled with political and cultural events.