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15 year old hung himself over Covid lockdown fears


A 15-year-old schoolboy sent friends a 'goodbye' Snapchat message after struggling to cope days into the first coronavirus lockdown, an inquest has heard. 

Talented kickboxer Kian Southway posted the message saying 'Goodbye everyone' before he hung himself at his home in Treorchy, Rhondda. 

His parents rushed to check on Kian in March last year after his younger sister was alerted to the social media post by friends.

But the tragic teenager was found hanged and despite being rushed to hospital his condition declined and he died four days later.

An inquest heard he had been missing his friends and school due to lockdown and was worried about not sitting his exams.

South Wales Central coroner Thomas Atherton recorded a conclusion of suicide.

The elite exploitation of covid and lockdown mania is far from a victimless crime.