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Illegal camp that was home to Romanian beggars torn down after SEVEN YEARS


An illegal camp on London's Park Lane that was home to Romanian beggars and linked to a rise in crime and anti-social behaviour has finally been torn down after seven years.

The area has been blighted by trouble over a period of some seven years, with different groups coming and going. 

Westminster City Council Rachael Robathan said last month her local authority didn't have the legal powers or resources to deal with encampments where people refuse or aren't entitled to help and urged Priti Patel to help shut down the encampment. 

Now though, after the occupants left and abandoned their tents, authorities swooped in, armed with heavy machinery and removal vehicles, to clear up the mess over two days.

It is not known, however, where the group of Romanians has moved on to. 

The homeless encampment located on a central reservation of the highly sought-after road in Mayfair was in place for seven years and it has led to several examples of anti-social behaviour.

One such instance includes a brothel run out of a tent by two sisters which, after being served seven notices to leave, finally moved on in 2019 to avoid prosecution.