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Immigration into England from outside EU hits RECORD HIGH


The number of people moving to Britain from outside the European Union is now at its highest level on record. More than 379,000 people came to the UK from non-EU countries, according to the latest Office for National Statistics estimates for the year to September 2019.

While arrivals from the EU have fallen since the Brexit vote in June 2016, the number of people coming to Britain from outside the bloc has gradually increased.

The data also showed that net migration from non-EU countries has hit 250,000 - the highest level since 2004 and up from 224,000 in September 2018.

The figures are classed as experimental estimates after the ONS admitted last year it had been underestimating some EU net migration data since 2016.

Alp Mehmet, chairman of Migration Watch UK, said: 'Non-EU net migration at its highest in 15 years and EU net migration higher than the previous year.

'Meanwhile, the government's recent actions and policy proposals will likely lead to immigration going up further.

'The millions who want the inflow reduced, and who voted Conservative a couple months ago, will be rightly concerned that Boris Johnson's government is not serious about tackling these absurd levels of immigration.'