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BBC includes a man on its annual list of 100 'inspiring and influential' women


The BBC has included a gender-confused MAN on its annual 100 WOMEN list for 2023!

This year’s list includes a selection of women from many different fields, including well-known figures such as Michelle Obama and Amal Clooney.

In its entry for the list, the BBC described Kapali as a ‘housing campaigner’ and a ‘transgender human rights activist’.

The description said he had ‘embarked on her own path of self-education around the diversity of gender and sexuality’ and ‘came out as a teenager’ and had been ‘vocal on social media on issues around queer rights’.

It added that the third-year law student was involved in advancing ‘legal and constitutional rights for LGBTQ+ people in Nepal’.

He comes from ‘a historically marginalised caste’ called the Jugi, within the Newa ethnicity and fights against this group’s forced evictions from traditional homes.

A BBC spokesman said: ‘Transgender women have previously been featured on the BBC 100 Women list many times, since the very first BBC 100 Women season was launched in 2013. The BBC 100 Women list also featured a transgender activist who identifies as non-binary in 2019.’

So there you have it - men are better women than woman according to BBC. Not that we should be surprised by that stance. This is the BBC after all!