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The REAL purpose of Insulate Britain


The militant eco-warriors of the so-called Insulate Britain gang have turned themselves into hate figures for millions of ordinary Brits. Their tactics of blocking motorways at busy times, when normal people are trying to get home from work, are alienating everyone and impressing no-one.

Coupled with the ridiculous nature of their demands, it is self-evident that they are not really there to advance the 'cause' for which they claim to stand. So what is their real purpose?

For the answer, you only have to look at the response of the controlled media and the politicians: Since current laws mean that the police apparently cannot stop their disruption, "we need new, tougher, laws to stop them".

In reality, the police already have plenty of powers to stop the Insulate Britain crew. Their abject failure to USE those powers is only explicable on the basis that they do not WANT to.

That in turn can only be explained by a combination of elite sympathy for their climate change extremism, and a preexisting plan to bring in ultra-tough new laws against genuine protests.

And what genuine protests are likely to be worrying the globalist elite right now? Efforts to resist the lockdown tyranny of course. 

Whether it's covid lockdowns or climate lockdowns, we all know there are more to come - because Klaus Schwab and the WEF openly boast about their intentions.

And, as we are already seeing, popular anger and resistance to their clampdown is growing all the time. THIS is the real reason they want sweeping new police powers. Which is why the fake provocateurs and Useful Idiots of Insulate Britain have been given a free-hand to cause chaos.

Problem-Reaction-Solution. It's a well-known elite trick. And it's being played against the people of Britain right now!