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ISIS Child Tells UK Reporter ‘We Will Slaughter You’


Children of ISIS fighters in Syrian holding camps may represent a grave threat to the West, with one telling a British reporter: “We will slaughter you.”

“In Arabic, he first quoted a verse from the Koran: ‘God says, “Turn to Allah with sincere repentance in the hope that your Lord will remove you from your ills”,'” recalled Sky News correspondent Mark Stone of an encounter with a jihadist “cub” in the Al Hol camp in Syria, which holds some 70,000 Islamic State women and children, 10,000 of whom are foreigners.

“He was asking us to repent our sins,” Stone continued.

“And then, calmly, he said: ‘We’re going to kill you by slaughtering you. We will slaughter you.'”

Many Western countries are currently seeking to repatriate children born in the shattered caliphate to women who hold (or held) citizenship Western countries.

“[T]he black-clad women of the Islamic State”, Stone reported, are the “only guides” for these children, and “claim to represent the purest form of Islam.”

Some who spoke to Stone defended the caliphate’s atrocities, such as beheading prisoners and burning people alive, on grounds that “It’s says it in the Koran” [sic].

The lefties will be the first with their heads on the chopping block. The only thing Muslims hate more than Christians are atheists.