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Islamist jailed for life after attempted murder of prison officer


An Islamic extremist who as he tried to behead a fellow prison inmate has been jailed for life after attacking two Norfolk prison officers in the same prison.

Aklakur Rahman, 33, attacked his fellow prison inmate David Sutton with an improvised bladed weapon at HMP Wayland near Thetford in Norfolk on July 21 2017.

The attack was so brutal his victim needed 28 stitches to the back of his neck, two of which were internal.

The two prison officers who intervened in the attack, Derek Walker and Ross Sanford, were presented with bravery awards in December last year for their actions.

Mr Walker was the first prison officer on the scene of the attack, he was showing a new warden his duties before rushing forward to intervene in the barbaric attack.

He ordered Rahman to drop the knife, it was apparent the attacker would not drop the weapon. Mr Walker then punched Rahman in the face, forcing him to drop the improvised knife.

Another prisoner threw the knife into another room, however, Rahman retrieved it while Mr Sutton was being dragged to safety.

More staff appeared on the scene and Rahman reappeared with another blade, unsuccessful attempts where made to retrieve the knife from, Rahman lashed out at Mr Waler who was slashed with the knife to the back of the head, he lost consciousness. Mr Sanford then clubbed Rahman with a baton crumbling him.

The brutal reality for English prisoners inside these Islamist-run hell holes is one of the dirtiest, well-kept secrets of our establishment and media.