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Islamist or Nazis - Don’t Play With Terrorists!


A mosque attended by suicide bomber Salman Abedi and his family could be referred to the Charity Commission after it turned a 'blind eye' to extremism, a public inquiry has heard.

Didsbury Mosque in south Manchester has come under severe criticism at the Manchester Arena public inquiry into the terror attack, with calls for its status as a charity to be 'reviewed' by regulators.

The court heard that the mosque had hosted extreme Islamist sermons, failed to condemn violence and 'buried its head in the sand' over radicals in its congregation.

We wonder whether the inquiry will also investigate the fact that Tory war criminal PM David Cameron and MI6 gave Abedi, and a whole gang of Islamist exiles, the green light to fly from Manchester and London to join in the NATO war to overthrow Gaddafi?

In a classic example of ‘blowback’, Abedi returned and slaughtered 22 people with the bomb he made with the terrorist skills acquired with the connivance of the UK government.

The affair certainly should be addressed, because Boris Johnson and his NATO cronies are now plotting to recruit and train a ‘resistance army’ of Ukrainian and European neo-Nazis to use against Russia. They seem to have learned nothing from their experience with Al Qaeda and ISIS.