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Islamist terrorist stabs two to death in locked down French town


Two people died and seven others injured after an Islamist knife attack outside a bakery in southern France. Police were called to a bakery in the town of Romans-sur-Isere around 11am on Saturday and arrested a man at the scene.

The suspect is a 33-year-old Sudanese national and cite witnesses who claim he shouted "Allahu Akbar" before the attack.

At least one of the victims is described as being in a critical condition and several others are in a serious condition.

The knifeman is said to have attacked the manager and two customers before continuing his rampage on the street.

When police arrived the man screamed 'Kill me! Kill me!', but the officers were able to arrest him without harming him.

When police arrived he put his hands in the air and then asked to be shot.

'He shouted at the police to kill him,' said David Oliver, a spokesman for the Alliance national police union. 'All the ingredients for a terrorist act are there for us.'

Without identifying the attacker or his victims, Mr Castaner confirmed that investigators were working 'in conjunction with national anti-terrorist prosecutors, to shed light on this drama.'

The attack took place during a hugely strict Coronavirus lockdown, which only permits essential shops including bakeries, food shops and tobacconists to stay open.