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Javid Roasted for Failure to Tackle Crime


Tough-talking Sajid Javid promised to crack down on our spiralling crime rate, but has utterly failed to do so. It was left to Pierc Morgan to call out the incompetent Home Secretary.

PIERS MORGAN grilled Tory leadership hopeful Sajid Javid on his failure to deliver on a workable strategy to put an end to the crime wave.

Piers Morgan blasted the Home Secretary as he insisted his department had failed to address the increase in violent crime across the United Kingdom. The Office of National Statistics last year recorded a six percent increase in crime committed with knives, with 31 people stabbed to death in London alone since the start of the year.

The Good Morning Britain presenter grilled Sajid Javid on his hopes to become the next leader of the UK while struggling to put an end to the crime epidemic gripping the country: "You’re also Home Secretary and right now, particularly in London, there are kids running riots, stabbing each other to death.