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Armoured JET SKIS to patrol England's coastline


Jet skis could be used by Border Force, allegedly to spin migrant dinghies off course and send them back to France...

Training is said to have taken place over the summer, with officials learning how to redirect migrants back to French waters using the high-powered armoured ‘personal water craft’.

The plans, overseen by Home Secretary Priti Patel, will require two jet skis to intercept and circle boats attempting to make the crossing.

Border Force officers will attempt to maneouvre the dinghy in the water with one pusing back from the bow, while the second nudges the stern at its motor. 

After the boat has been spun around, the jet skis escort it back to French waters.

This comes as Priti Patel is to spend £200million on a fleet of border patrol boats as she "steps up" attempts to stop migrants crossing the Channel.

The Home Secretary has ordered a major replacement of Border Force's five ageing cutters, official documents show.

The vessels could be used to block dinghies from entering UK waters – the controversial 'push-back' tactic announced this week.

The huge sum to upgrade the fleet comes on top of the £54million due to be handed to France for coastal patrols and surveillance.