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Jihadi bride gets new arm thanks to us the taxpayer


I expect you already saw in the news about the ISIS Jihadi bride getting a half-a-million pound West London council house and an artificial hand on the NHS?

If so, I’m sure that you like me were furious about it. Angry about the danger of letting hardcore Islamist terrorists back into the country. Angry about the disgusting unfairness of giving such taxpayer-funded handouts to proven traitors, while thousands of our own ex-servicemen are living rough in cardboard boxes.

Samia Hussein was 22 – an adult - when she joined the Islamic State terror army in 2015. She went to the head-cutting Caliphate in Syria in 2015. She settled in the town of Manbij, which was nicknamed ‘Little London’ because of the large numbers of ‘British’ jihadis living there. Then the journalism student married an ISIS terrorist.

Hussein lived under the murderous regime for four years. She lost an arm in an airstrike on a weapons store next to her home in Raqqa. She was finally captured during the battle of Baghouz – the last IS stronghold in Syria – in early 2019.

She was arrested when she arrived back in Heathrow in February 2020, but was released without charge. Hussein claims to have changed, but when asked about the Manchester Arena bombing, which left 22 – mainly children – dead, she described them as ‘victims of war’. She also continues to wear Islamist head gear.

Now it has emerged that this heartless and dangerous creature is living in a new-build council house with members of her family in West London, where similar properties cost between £500,000 and £600,000. And that she has been given thousands of pounds worth of treatment and a state-of-the-art prosthetic arm and hand by the NHS.

I bet you’re as happy as I am to see your hard-earned tax money spent on her – especially when the Johnson covid lockdown has condemned decent people to NHS waiting lists stretching for years!

My position is that by going to Syria to join IS, which was and is an avowed enemy of this country, Hussein abdicated her British citizenship. She should not even be allowed to come back, let alone be put in a brand new council house and given NHS treatment at our expense.

Just another reason to get involved in building the English Democrats. Because rather than just fuming about such injustice, we need to work together to put things right!