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John Bercow launches vicious attack on Brexiteers


John Bercow has taken aim at Brexiteers who claim he has been bias as Speaker, saying it’s “bad form” to blame the referee. The controversial Speaker said some of the abuse directed at parliamentarians in recent months has been “”low grade and vulgar to the extreme”.


Discussing his time as Speaker, he addressed the row over his bias in favour of the Remain camp.

“If you are losing the match, it’s quite bad form to blame the referee.”

Bercow’s rulings in the Commons had earned him the title of “The Brexit Destroyer” in some parts of the press, along with a suggestion that he had potentially triggered a constitutional crisis.

Bercow continued:

“I wouldn’t say I’m a Remainer enabler. I would say that I’m an enabler of all colleagues across the House who want to express their different points of view.

I thought the Brexiteers were in favour of taking back control of Parliament being in the driving seat?

Well, they can’t have it both ways.”

Bercow dismissed what he called “downmarket attacks on Parliament” along with claims of bias from hardline Brexiteer MPs. He described the bitter debates over Brexit as among the worse he has seen in his 22 years as an MP for Buckingham.