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Judge rejects legal challenge to stop suspended parliament


Lord Doherty heard arguments from representatives of a cross-party group seeking an interim interdict that would halt the move by the government to effectively shut down parliament, but retiring to rule on the verdict  threw out the remainer case and said: “I am not satisfied that there is a cogent need for interm interdict to be granted at this stage. Petitioners interim request has been rejected."


Arguing for the UK government, Roddy Dunlop QC said the issue “was not a matter for the courts”.

The judge is set to give his decision this morning at around 10:00 am, Unity News Network (UNN) will report on any updates to the case.

The group of 75 parliamentarians were seeking the Scottish legal equivalent of an injunction, known as an interdict, hoping this would be able to stop parliament being suspended.

The MPs’ began a legal challenge at the Court of Sessions in Edinburgh last month to stop parliament being suspended.

The Queen has already approved the prime minister’s request to suspend parliament in September and October.

Prime minister Boris Johnson has said the Queen’s Speech would then take place on 14 October, to outline his “very exciting agenda” of new legislation, Mr Johnson’s critics claim the move is to block parliamentarians’ potentially stopping a no-deal Brexit happening on 31 October.

Aidan O’Neill QC, representing the MPs’, told judge Lord Doherty: “Powers of the executive are never unlimited or unfettered. We do not live in a totalitarian state.”

Mr O’Neill QC went on to say the suspension of parliament meant a denial of “political accountability” and was unconstitutional.

They really are grasping at straws now as they see their dreams of overturning the democratic wishes of the people evaporate.