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Keir Starmer confronted in Bath


You may already have seen the heart-warming footage of the puffed-up Labour con-man Keir Starmer being confronted in Bath. A brave landlord was furious at his role in the lockdown devastation of the economy in general and pubs in particular.

The video is so good that I wanted to send it to you just in case you missed it. Even if you have already seen mainstream media coverage of the incident, it’s very likely that you’ve been shown a carefully edited version. The BBC version – also used by most newspapers – has left in the sensationalist scuffling, but they clipped out the all-important start of the confrontation.

That was when the Raven landlord, Rod Humphries, showed Starmer a graph of the average age of covid deaths, taking just seconds to rip apart the scare-mongering official narrative.

Even the Daily Mail, which continues to print some truthful articles about the ‘pandemic’ quickly censored out that part of the incident. I’ve checked out various versions for you, and the only one I can find now which shows the full, inconvenient truth is this one by Sky News:

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