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Do as I say, not as I do: Khan racked up 80,000 air miles last year


Sadiq Khan and his team racked up more than 80,000 air miles last year, despite telling Britons to cut down on flights.

Khan has shown himself to be the ultimate virtue signaller after repeatedly warning Londoners that the world is facing a supposed climate emergency.

Asked about the use of private jets in May 2023, Khan warned: "We are in a climate emergency and people are more aware of the need to consider the flights they take and opt for low-carbon alternatives if they can.

"Every sector of the economy must cut its emissions if climate catastrophe is to be averted.

"Aviation is no exception, in fact it is high-emitting sectors like this that must be making the biggest changes."

He added: "Frequent air travellers should consider firstly whether a particular journey is needed at all and, if so, to take the lowest carbon options wherever possible."

In May 2023, Amy Lame, London's Night Czar, took the 20,000 mile round trip to Australia for the NEON International Night-Time Economy Forum - lasting just two days

In October, Khan's deputy mayor Justine Simmons travelled to Sao Paulo for the World Cities Cultural Forum.

Her return flight was funded by the Abu Dhabi Department of Culture and Tourism, a flight worth £7257.04 and paid for by the Abu Dhabi government, publicly available expenses declarations show.

Meanwhile, the London Mayor took a trip to New York in September 2023, taking with him 5 members of his team. This one trip alone amounted to 41,412 air miles.

Since he was elected in 2016, Khan and his team have racked up more than 440,000 air miles.

At least one of these trips was paid for by the airline company in return for Khan promoting them on social media and in speeches.

But a spokesperson for the Mayor of London said: “London is a global city and the Mayor and his team make no apology for banging the drum for the capital overseas to promote growth and to generate new trade and investment opportunities.

“Climate change is the biggest threat facing our planet, with cities responsible for 70 per cent of carbon emissions worldwide. This is precisely why Sadiq has attended events overseas to lead critical discussions on the direct action major cities can take to help tackle the climate crisis while creating millions of new green jobs."

Khan came under fire in 2022 after flying 14,000 miles to participate in a climate change conference in South America, accompanied by six members of staff.

Giving a speech in Buenos Aires, Khan said: "It is possible to have business and pleasure. And we promise to spend a lot of money in your city."

The same conference saw the London mayor accuse governments across the world of "dragging their feet" on climate change policies.