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Sadiq Khan Doing ‘Badly’ as London Mayor, Says Half of City’s Population


Half of London’s population believes that progressive bigwig Sadiq Khan is doing “badly” as the city’s mayor, and only a third think he is doing well, a poll finds.

Labour Party mayor of London Sadiq Khan is doing “badly” according to half of Londoners, polling published on Thursday has shown.

It comes as the progressive politician works to force through his green agenda in the city, including a plan that would see drivers of high-emission cars charged nearly $16 a day to drive within the city’s borders.

With such a measure set to affect around 700,000 drivers in the city, many Londoners are extremely annoyed at the leftist leader, who has also seen an outbreak of Polio — a disease previously declared extinct in Britain — during his time as mayor.

According to the Daily Mail, half of Londoners believe that Khan is overall doing “badly” as London’s mayor, with this statistic rising to 55 per cent regarding transport, with 62 per cent of the city viewing the Labour Party politician as doing “badly” on crime. In all, just 35 per cent of Londoners think he is doing well, the poll claims.

Housing is another hot-button issue, with a sizable 65 per cent of the city’s total population judging that Khan is doing “badly” on that issue, with this figure rising to 78 per cent for those aged 65 and over.

Khan is reportedly most popular amongst those aged from 18 to 25, though the mayor remains contentious even within this group, with around 40 per cent of Londoners saying that Khan is doing well in the city’s top job, with another 37 per cent thinking he is doing badly.