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Sadiq Khan want to invest in RAPPERS not crime victims


London Mayor Sadiq Khan has admitted that he would rather invest in the future of 'English' rappers "than future victims of crime" during a London Assembly budget meeting.

Khan said: "I’d rather invest in future Daves and Stormzys than future victims of crime."

Conservative LA member Ms Hall replied, saying: "If you think putting money into like Dave is a good idea then well done you but you are not spending the correct money in sporting out the crime on our streets.

"If you were we wouldn’t be in the mess we are in now.

"If you put your money where your mouth was we would not be in the situation we are now."

"As it is we’ve got youngsters out there being murdered all the time on our streets.

"We’ve got knife crime out of control and you talk to me about Dave and Stormzy.

"It’s an absolute disgrace Mr Mayor."