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Khan Offers ‘Emotional Support Services’ on Brexit Day


London mayor Sadiq Khan will be offering “emotional support services” to “European Londoners” on January 31st — Brexit Day.

The mayor tweeted out an invite to “European Londoners” and their allies to come to City Hall to “access the emotional support services they might need”.

City Hall outlined in a statement that “London is Open” and “supporting European Londoners through Brexit”.

Despite the government guaranteeing EU citizens’ residence rights through the settled status scheme, the mayor’s office informed European Londoners that they will be able to “receive free advice” on their rights from immigration lawyers.

The statement continued: “There will also be free emotional support services available.

“The event is open to anyone who wants to come together in solidarity with our European friends, neighbours, and colleagues.”

Journalist, podcaster, and free schools advocate Toby Young was perplexed by the mayor’s offer, asking “what ’emotional support service’ will Remoaners need? A box of hankies?” He added that London remains physically in continental Europe — despite the UK pulling out of the political union.

 Party it up on the 31st and when you wake up on the 1st of February keep going...It is a great day to a FREE Englishman once again!