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Khan Squirms under Questioning over Crime


You just couldn't make it up. Oblivious to the facts, ignorant of the reality, Mayor Khan keeps denying what the entire knows: London under his watch has been turned into a gangsters paradise!

LONDON Mayor Sadiq Khan left GLA Tory leader Gareth Bacon astonished as he claimed London was now a "safer" place than it used to be before he took office, despite Metropolitan Police statistics pointing at staggering increased levels of crime in the capital.

The London Mayor squirmed when questioned by the Greater London Assembly Conservative leader after he rejected the idea London had become less safe since he had taken over the capital in a Sky News interview. Mr Bacon asked: “On the June 2 you gave an interview to Niall Paterson at Sky News and he asked you ‘to what extent it is a matter of personal regret to you that London is less safe than when you took the job?’