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Khan's inclusivity guide for City Hall


The new inclusivity guide for City Hall has banned employees from using the phrase 'ladies and gentlemen'.

Civil servants working for the Labour mayor Sadiq Khan are also barred from describing migrants as 'illegal' and must now call them people with 'insecure immigration status' or 'undocumented'.

Employees are also urged to scrap the use of 'asylum seekers', instead demanding workers say 'people seeking asylum'.

In the guide's section on gender, staff were told: 'Avoid using "men and women" - say "people" or "Londoners".

'Similarly, instead of 'ladies and gentlemen' say something that doesn't exclude non-binary people.'

The memo reportedly goes on to say the terms male and female are 'dated and medicalised' and that 'female humans are called 'girls and/or women', male humans are called 'boys and/or men'.

Workers were also told that 'not all women have periods' and to use the phrase 'people affected by period poverty' as some trans men and non-binary people may have periods too.

And on the issue of migration, the guide reportedly urges workers to not 'make a distinction between "migrants" and "Londoners".

'Remember, we are all Londoners,' it adds.