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Labour snubs St George's flag


As Keir arrived at his new home, the flag of St George was not given to supporters on Downing Street - despite Union Jacks, Saltires, and Welsh flags being provided.

The new Prime Minister entered the official residence after winning a majority over the Conservatives, leading to the resignation of Rishi Sunak.

Staffers were spotted handing out union flags in Downing St for the Labour staffers and volunteers ready to welcome Sir Keir Starmer as Prime Minister.

On X, formerly Twitter, one person asked: "Why is no one flying a wee St George cross flag in Downing Street? I see the Saltire, Welsh dragon & Union Flag but no English flags? Seems quite poor optics." Another asked: "Where’s the St George Cross?"

A third added: "Where's the f***ing Cross of St George flags? Only been Prime Minister for five minutes and he's f****d up."

"Just watching the group in Downing Street waving flags, fair enough but where's the English flag," another chimed in. "They have Union flags, Saltires and Welsh. Where's the Cross of St George? Aye, start as you mean to go on right enough."

Another said: "The flag waving said it all. He spoke about the four nations but I only saw the Scottish and Welsh Flags. What happened to England and Northern Ireland?"

Another said: "Plenty of Scottish and Welsh Flags but no English flags. Even the Union flags were upside down. Says a lot about Starmer and Labour."